Exciting Partnership: TE-D Teams Up with Goda Ģimene for Healthier Families

Exciting Partnership: TE-D Teams Up with Goda Ģimene for Healthier Families

We are thrilled to bring you some exciting news from our community! Last year, TE-D officially forged a dynamic partnership with Goda Ģimene, unlocking exclusive discounts and tailored opportunities for large families. At the heart of this collaboration is our shared commitment to supporting parents who are raising big, beautiful families. 


Our commitment to providing customers with top-notch, natural products takes center stage in this partnership. We believe in delivering healthy solutions, especially for families that prioritize wholesome living.  


Curious to delve deeper into the details of this exciting partnership? TE-D  is proud to collaborate with Goda Ģimene and is pleased to extend a special discount exclusively for Goda Ģimene Members. Follow this link to explore the unique benefits: a 25% discount on all our products for members holding valid "3+ Ģimenes karte," LT, or EST family cards. To avail this discount, members simply need to share their valid Goda Ģimene card or family card number by emailing cc@te-d.com. 


We are genuinely enthusiastic about the positive impact this partnership will have on the well-being of you and your family. Together, let's embark on a journey towards living your best, healthiest lives. 


Stay tuned for more updates, and here's to a future filled with vitality and well-being! 

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