3 Ways to Show Gratitude and Contribute to Environmental Preservation on the Earth Day celebration

3 Ways to Show Gratitude and Contribute to Environmental Preservation on the Earth Day celebration

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22nd. This holiday was established in 1970 in the United States when millions of people went to the streets to express their concern about the environmental situation in the country. That action became the starting point for the environmental movement worldwide.


Today, the Earth Day is celebrated in more than 190 countries. Its goal is to draw attention to problems such as air and water pollution, destruction of natural resources, and loss of biodiversity.


One of the main calls during Earth Day is the need to preserve nature for future generations. This call is aimed at drawing attention to the fact that the environmental problems we face today not only affect us but also our children and grandchildren. We must care for nature and leave it in a better state than we found it.


Over the past 50 years, a huge number of actions and events have been organized to support and protect our planet's environment. Everyone who has ever participated in such events or contributed to environmental protection in their own way is making a difference. Your voice and actions are very important, and we sincerely thank you for your responsibility and determination to act for the good of our common future.


Today, we will highlight three main ideas: preservation, cleanup, and reforestation. Each of us can contribute to any of these stages or all at once. However, over a billion people around the world take small and big steps to make our world greener and more alive. And here are just a few examples.


1. One of the most significant and well-known actions held on Earth Day is Earth Hour. This initiative was launched in 2007 by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in Sydney, Australia. It involves people all around the world turning off their lights for one hour at 8:30 p.m. local time on the last Saturday of March. The campaign aims to raise awareness about nature and climate change issues, as well as to support sustainable development. Today, Earth Hour is one of the largest environmental campaigns in the world. It involves more than 180 countries every year, and over a billion people take part. This allows for a reduction in energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and public attention towards environmental problems.


2. Another significant initiative is the mass cleaning of natural areas. For example, in 2018, the "Green Wave" campaign was held in Russia. Several environmental organizations organized this initiative and called on residents of different cities in Russia to come out and clean up litter from river banks, lakes, parks, and forests. As a result, thousands of volunteers collected tons of waste and improved the environmental conditions in their cities.


Similar actions are held in other countries as well. For instance, the "Great American Cleanup" is held annually in the USA, organized by the National League of Cities, and aimed at cleaning up litter from cities and natural parks. Additionally, the "Let's Do It World" campaign is held in different countries, calling people from all over the world to join a global garbage collection effort.

3. And of course, reforestation is one of the most effective ways to fight climate change and protect the biodiversity of our planet.

Among the largest reforestation projects, we can highlight the "New Green Initiative" in China, launched in 2018. China plans to plant trees on an area of 84,000 square kilometers by 2050. This will allow China to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve the ecological situation in the country.


Or the "10 Billion Trees Project" in Brazil, which was launched in 2020. The aim of the project is to plant 10 billion trees by 2030, to restore destroyed forests in the Amazon and fight against climate change.


However, not only governments organize such large-scale reforestation projects. There are also projects and platforms that allow each of us to make our own contribution.

For example, our friends and partners at Tree-Nation. Since 2006, 588,523 people and 15,612 companies from all over the world have participated in this project. Thanks to this platform, we have already planted 29,913,888 trees, rehabilitated 27,194 hectares of land, and compensated for 4 billion kg of CO2.


Saving energy, mass cleanups of natural areas, and planting forests are simple actions that allow each of us to make a concrete contribution to improving the environment and preserving natural ecosystems. In addition, they help to increase ecological awareness in society and draw attention to environmental pollution issues.


The TE-D project is also based on concern for our future generations and the environment. Each member of our club eliminates the use of disposable cups, reducing environmental pollution by approximately 90,000 cups per month for 1,000 of our members. Which saves 36 trees and 90 tons of fresh water from destruction. Furthermore, with each new package sold, we plant a tree together with you and the Tree-Nation project, making our world a better and greener place.


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